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Rise Up, Mamas!

Jul 20, 2021

Hey there, my mama friend! 

Are you a woman who is just getting started in a new business? Or perhaps you're a woman who's been in business for a while and you're struggling to figure out the social media game. 

Then today's podcast is for YOU!

Sabrina Knapp is a wife of 16 years, a mom of 3, and a grandma of 2. She has owned a restaurant and catering business for 16 years and is a photographer, travel agent, Wellness Educator, and Business Coach. 

Her new podcast, Clearing Your Chaos, is launching next week and I'm excited to help her get the word out to help female entrepreneurs learn how to navigate the daunting and sometimes overwhelming marketing arena. 

Sabrina shares a wealth of marketing and branding tips for traditional and online business in this episode. You don't want to miss it! 

You can connect with Sabrina Knapp and learn more about her podcast and coaching services here: